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07-12-2013, 09:23 AM

We release a ambient compilation, with various artist of this forum, free download!

01 Twilight Of Emptiness - Winter Funeral [United Kingdom]
02 Last Winter I Died - Strange Twilight [Italy]
03 Spyro DarkLarus - Catharsis [Greece]
04 Nemesis-Audio - La Maison d'Ambience
05 .sabbat schwarzer highway - La Pluie Invisible [Brazil]
06 Mudlark - In the Cold [Australia]
07 "CA-K:" - Micro Tension in D major when you realize that the world is Schizophrenic! [Brazil]
08 Light Sleeper - List Of References [Australia]
09 MISC - 03.34 AM (a.k.a. Earthquake) [Chile]
10 Sthenos - In The Circle of Stars All Dead Moments Are Glorified [Greece]
11 Zanaelle - Mystery [Canada]
12 Papa Chunk - Touch me [United States]
13 Keykutz - A Conversation With Rickie Lee Jones (Keykutz Rub) [Scotland]
14 Road Clive - Doppelgänger Way [United Kingdom]
15 Pine Grove - The Way We Sit Together [United States]
16 Beyond the Lines - Sky On Fire [Germany]
17 Unstatic Noise - Marvels [Poland]
18 Bleak Fiction - Weak Depression (She Is Here) [Argentina]
19 Jace' - Placid Fjord [United States]
20 EVERSTONE - Ashes [Canada]
21 Negativity - Spectral Mist [France]
22 Ted Morgan - Floating Alone [United States]
23 Nixs Eyes - Metaphorical Transcendence [Brazil]
24 Veni.Vidi.Vic - Moonlight Walk
25 Dark Circuit - That Day I Prayed [United States]
26 Begotten - Entre Paredes Blancas [Costa Rica]
27 Gabriel Kalb - Não discuto com o Tempo [Brazil]
28 _GYN_ - Furako Noir [Spain]


11-06-2013, 09:13 PM
This is too funny. of all the ambient artists I have listened to and purchased, there isn't one artist on the list that I have ever heard of! I will give it a listen though...


11-15-2013, 06:49 AM
With respect to Dreamscapes, A favorite artist I listen to often is Cousin Silas. He has a Drone series called Dronescape. It currently has 13 volumes to it and counting. He goes under the EarthMantra/Netlabel and weareallghosts label listed on bandcamp.com. http://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/dronescape-013-waag-drs013

It's a journey listening to the works as they progressed from 001 - 013. In general, they give best results at low volumes as they are not meant to distract the listener, but rather provide an background for the listener to draw his/her own images or journey from.