View Full Version : Back and Forth - 1989 (Official Video)

08-10-2013, 03:03 PM
I would like to introduce You new project:

Official videoclip of "1989".

Back and Forth is a project created by Rafal Kłosiewicz, widely known producer on the Polish music scene as Think.
Besides making music, he works in public television and writes music for films and computer games.
For many years associated with many Warsaw's music clubs.

Back and Forth is something new on the Polish music scene - a cross-section of the ambient, trip-hop, IDM.

As Think collaborated with Jack Sparrow, DFRNT, Pablo Bolivar, Radical & Lady Katee, System, Novika.
Closely associated with the New Moon Recordings, Deca Rhythm.
Co-founder of the collective FusionArt.
He has participated in as festivals as Audioriver, Candid, etc.

He had the opportunity to play on stage performing alongside such big names as:
Kode9, RSD, Phaeleh, N-type, Indigo, Kowton, Dubble Dutch, Versa ...
He also performed during the visit of Jamie Woon, Jamie XX, and Surgeon.

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