View Full Version : Nice little collection for insomniacs

08-05-2011, 05:37 PM
Not sure how I came across this little playlist, but there's some really beautiful tunes on there. In particular Telepopmusik (one of those tunes I can play over and over again), Aaron (I have one of his albums but didn't realise he did lyrical stuff too, nice), Bon Iver, and The Cinimatic Orchestra.

I especially love the first song by Iron & Wine. One of the most gentle songs you could hope to listen to, wonderful lyrics. As for Sigur Ros, Svefn_G-Englar is my favourite tune of theirs by a mile, it is so stunning and haunting. However the live version blows this version away, which I most post about on a seperate thread :)

Anyway, it's a very well put together list and definitely worth a listen. It's all beautiful to be honest! I may have as well just said it's all awesome.