View Full Version : Neuron Dreamime's "Mirror Mirror"

09-10-2013, 03:32 AM

An exercise in the generative ambient/drone style of Neuron Dreamtime. It is a reflection on reflections.

-The guitar tuned to C standard at 432 Hz.
-Recorded using Audacity.
-No more than 6 layers each song.
-The last song a reversed copy of all preceding songs.
-Very little post-production, a raw album.
-Improvised and produced quickly. (Approx 6-7 hours over the span of a few days)

The wall-sized studio window faces east and the morning summer sun likes to cook the desk and electronics. So steps were taken. A reflective emergency blanket was hung on the outside of two-thirds of the window. To reflect the light and cool the room. This in turn made the window panes like a mirror. A silver distorted reality reflecting whatever was.

*Headphones recommended*