View Full Version : Mariano Ballejos Abduction [Lazy Soul Recordings][OUT NOW]

Istmo Family
09-16-2011, 11:40 PM

Listen & Download: http://bit.ly/qs0VYu

We all know how Lazy Soul Recordings back grounds on chill out music but very few people know that Mariano Ballejos no only creates massive banging trance tunes but Chill Out music is also inside his head.

Abduction combines a majestic elements of chill out but also some industrial hits and orchestra instruments that creates an atmosphere so dense that your soul will vibrate along the celestial grooves of this track.

Take 5 minute and enjoy this master piece, it will not the last one from Mariano we can say.


NOTE*** Lazy Soul Recordings is looking for new Chill Out/Lounge/Downtempo artist.

Send your demo as downloadable link to: [email protected]