View Full Version : 2illusions - Infancy - 2012 (Ambient)

01-04-2012, 03:43 PM

2Illusions is a pilot project of electronic music in style “Chillout Dreams”, created for free listening and distribution.

The project 2Illusions was created by the composer and arranger Burakov Roman in 2010. For fans of electronic music in the style of "Chillout Dreams". These are quiet slow compositions under which you can sit back, relax and go to the world of the imaginations and thoughts.

Our world is full of movement, pressure, and stresses. Every day we hasten somewhere, flying for another purpose, and desire. So there are flying the days, months, years. Sometimes it is necessary to have a break to look in the depth of yourself, and to ask.

Where do I go?
What I seek?
What moves me?

Only by answering these questions, we can understand our true purpose.

Our music helps you to stop, relax, and dive deep into yourself where you can find all the answers.

Download Album - http://www.2illusions.org/about_us_en.html