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12-16-2014, 03:36 PM

We would like to let you know about our 2 radio stations dedicating all their time and energy to the Ambient, Experimental and Electronic music: AmbientRadio.net and Zero Beat Zone.

They are commercial-free / listener supported / zero revenue (let us say big financial loss :-o ) radio stations belonging (together with other thematic radio channels) to the Mondello Radio Group (MRG.fm).

We also support ambient music accepting music demos from new or emerging ambient music musicians/composers and often (but not always!) airing them. We do like to think at ourselves as an Ambient/Electronic/Experimental Music Hub!

There are several streams available, also with different coding: MP3 and AAC.

You may want to visit
in order to listen to the streaming utilizing our web audio players (they are very advanced and work with ALL the kind of OS, Browsers and Devices) or find links that can be used with VLC, Media Player, QuickTime, Real Player, etc.

The radio stations are also listed in iTunes, Tune In and many other directories.

In a couple of weeks or less, we should be ready with a brand new and unified web site (we hope so... we are hostages of the company working on it!). This new web site will be "home" for all the 8 channels of the Mondello Radio Group. The new web site address can be found at http://www.MRG.fm

Thank you for giving us space in this forum!


AmbientRadio.net / Zero Beat Zone