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02-19-2012, 09:22 PM
This is one of Roach's more recent works; came out in 2009 I think. I got this as a gift for donating to Soma FM and it's been playing almost nonstop since it came in the mail yesterday.

It's a 70+ minute piece intended to be played indefinitely. It's a very beautiful sonic atmosphere with aspects of mystery and wonder to it. Something I'm more than happy to listen to while sleeping. I highly recommend it for anyone's collection.

Do try to get a hold of it by donating to Soma FM. They are entirely listener supported.

This album in particular is a "sequel" of sorts to Roach's Dynamic Stillness which I haven't had the privilege of hearing yet. I just ordered it from his site (I'm getting in the habit of purchasing Real cds as often as I can) and will certainly write a bit about that one when it arrives.

As much as Afterlight is a pleasure to listen to, it doesn't have much movement to it. A meditative experience of sorts, plan to be in the same sonic environment for the duration of the cd (or however long you intend to listen to it).

The art work is also stunning. Mysterious and beautiful, as is the song.

Link to Roach's site:

Link to donating to Soma FM where you can get a copy of the cd: