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02-25-2012, 01:45 PM
Like Afterlight I find it difficult to relate the experience of listening to Dynamic Stillness. There are so many aspects to describe. Roach has a truly unbelievable ability and talent to create these dense sonic realms where the listener can just get lost for hours.

This is an epic work of Ambient music and is something that--unless you're already soaked in the genre--you have to prepare yourself for. This requires patience and, no pun intended, stillness. Aside from being a demanding experience to listen and behold, this album--like others--also has the ability to serve many purposes. It's on while I'm reading, writing, and is now in my sleep playlist. It can easily serve as background music, but still demands your attention. Roach has achieved an amazing harmony between music that serves an aesthetic or decorative quality and something that deserves to have a spotlight in a sonic art gallery.

This piece spans two discs and is about 140 minutes in total length. The different tracks have their own unique qualities, but there is a solid and unified feeling to the whole album. Each track comes off differently after listening to it a few times. I find myself noticing aspects of a particular piece that I didn't see the first, second, or fourteenth time through. Roach picked the perfect name for this project.

This album came prior to Afterlight and based on the quote inside the liner notes on Afterlight there is a connection between the two. I recommend listening to Afterlight after Dynamic Stillness to get an even deeper Ambient experience. One that can provide a sonic solace to any listener.

02-25-2012, 07:08 PM
I. Must. Get. This.

I don't think I'll regret it :p