View Full Version : harsher ambient by paperkettle (free albums)

03-01-2012, 05:28 PM
this fellow came to my attention over at the Muffwiggler forums, and i thought i would just spray his album up on here as well just because i've enjoyed it so much over the past few weeks.

i've always been confused about the expectations of the modern ambient listener, so much of what i've come up listening to has always been very pretty - unique in its own way but smooth & pretty nonetheless. what interests me about a lot of what's happening today is how artists are keeping that concept, that ambient aesthetic, but adding the harsh & dynamic element of noise. i strive for this myself, and i pay rapt attention when others do the same because i find beauty in degradation in the same way i find it in reverbed washes of sound.

anyway, here's the record i was speaking of:


he also released a 'less ambient' record, available here: http://www.paperkettle.com/home/library-ash-ep/

i find these to be excellent. hope you do as well.