View Full Version : Resonant Drift - Passages

03-18-2012, 08:18 PM
This was a random purchase for me. I came across this wonderful Ambient duo from doing some web surfing and had heard a few tracks of theirs on the Drone Zone station on Soma FM. I waited a while for this to get to me--CD Baby had the wrong Zipcode and sent to a place that doesn't exist in NY (there's an idea to spark an Ambient song...an address that leads no where).

This is a very powerful cd which sits proudly in my Ambient cd collection (which has been growing exponentially and faster than any genre of music I've found myself drawn to in the past). What also makes this cd an excellent is that it is very inviting. The songs are short for the most part (with the longest track reaching about 11 minutes), but they are dense with Ambient beauty and peace inducing states of mind that beg the mind to relax and explore the inner workings of thought and aural sensation. This will be one of the top cds I recommend to people interested in the genre.

Resonant Drift is a duo and what's nice is you really get the sense of two people working together in the music. I can't explain it exactly, but there is the feeling of a dynamic and the music feels very alive as a result.

This album also has some excellent and unique usage of electric guitars. They aren't dominating, but sit with the music and make an eloquent statement. There is some breathtaking use of synthesizer equipment as well; it sounds alive, and not like a computer.

Unique, blissful, and simply awesome, Passages by Resonant Drift is a must own. I'm not familiar with their past work, but I'll probably be ordering a few albums from them very soon.

Check them out here: http://www.resonantdrift.com/home.html