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03-25-2012, 05:59 PM
Steve Roach's approach to "Long-Form" pieces has been truly inspirational on not only how I write music, but how I listen to it as a whole. My first experience with Roach's long form works was Afterlight, which you can read my mini summary here: Steve Roach - Afterlight (http://www.ambientmusicforum.com/showthread.php/249-Steve-Roach-Afterlight). In short, I was blown away by this approach to ambient music and continue to be mesmerized by such works.

A Deeper Silence, however, is much different from Afterlight and Dynamic Stillness (which clicks in with the Long Form theme). Released a few years prior to the previous two albums, this one has a far greater demand on the listener. It also--in true Eno fashion--has the cunning ability to slip into your subconscious and tint the inside of your thoughts in a bold way; it invites a space to wander and think freely. It also works very well as a sleep piece.

What's very nice about A Deeper Silence in particular are the clear melodic directions. Though it resembles an hour long sigh of relaxation and pondering, there are clear directions that the music has--which are not in anyway demanding--but simply wonderful to watch. It reminds me--though I've never seen such things in person--like a sonic Aurora Borealis.

You need this CD in your collection. As described by Roach's website: "a functional soundworld specifically created to enhance the atmosphere of your personal sanctuary, your living environment and beyond".


Get it now!