View Full Version : "THE FLOWER OF LIFE" Acoustic, Cinematic & Neo-classic Ambient Mix

04-16-2012, 11:44 PM
Deep and Peaceful Dreamy Ambient


Soundtrip Navigation Map:

01 "Westeynde" (excerpt) Heather Broderick & Nils Frahm http://soundcloud.com/greatwideopen
02 "Familiar" Nils Frahm http://nilsfrahm.de
03 "Kalena Kai" Keola Beamer & George Winston http://www.kbeamer.com/
04 "Lait" Gustavo Santaolalla http://www.myspace.com/gustavosantaolalla
05 "Any Other Name" Thomas Newman http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Thomas+Newman
06 "Old Thought" Nils Frahm http://nilsfrahm.de
07 "Amazonas" Gustavo Santaolalla http://www.myspace.com/gustavosantaolalla
08 "And The World Is Still Yawning (Field Rotation Remix) Vieo Abiungo http://soundcloud.com/losttribesound
09 "Made Of Wood" Floex http://soundcloud.com/floex
10 "Keep" Nils Frahm http://nilsfrahm.de
11 "Blak Butterflies" Gustavo Santaolalla http://www.myspace.com/gustavosantaolalla
12 "Train of Thought" Euan Atkinson http://soundcloud.com/euancaiatkinson
13 "Self Portrait No. 7" Floex http://soundcloud.com/floex
14 "Fluxes" Milinal http://soundcloud.com/milinal
15 "Opening" Gustavo Santaolalla http://www.myspace.com/gustavosantaolalla
16 "On The Road" Eleni Karaindrou http://www.musicolog.com/eleni.asp
17 "Poli'ahu - The Snow Goddess Of Mauna Kea" Keola Beamer and George 'Keoki' Winston http://www.kbeamer.com/
18 "You Know How" Greg Haines with Mariska Baars & Sytze Pruiksma http://soundcloud.com/greatwideopen
19 "Window" The Album Leaf http://www.thealbumleaf.com/

"Growing is Forever" by Kallie Markle - http://kalliemarkle.com/



04-18-2012, 05:47 PM
Thank you this is awesome, just what i need!

04-27-2012, 01:10 AM
Enjoy my friend :)