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06-03-2012, 09:09 PM
MEHANIKA opening release preview; Tau Sagittarii - Sensory Data LP
UK based electronic music producer Scape One with a new project's debut



07-08-2012, 04:50 PM
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Artist: Tau Sagittarii
Title: Sensory Data
Label: Mehanika
Cat.No: MHK01
Format: Digital
Release: July 2012
Genre: Electronica


Kurt Baggaley is an English producer and artist of deep electronic music. He is best known for his minimal electro/techno productions as Scape One. Tau Saittarii is a new project to launch his more experimental electronic scores.

Tau Sagittarii
Sensory data for hypersleep chambers

Music that is inspired by deep space and science fiction sound tracks. The style is more purist electronic in the tradition of the synthesist. Allowing the waveforms to breathe between the notes and the arpegiated sequences to drift across your senses.

Sensory Data is the first Tau Sagittarii concept album. The theme is based around mankind's search for intelligence beyond planet earth. As we begin our journey into deepest space we can reflect upon the wonders that await us on our discoveries. The immense distanses and time required for this travel are currently beyond human capability, although we can travel anytime withing our own imagination. As you lay inside your hypersleep chamber these are the sounds of the machines that will keep you alive in suspended annimation. Lay back and drift deeper into stasis as they create the orchestra of the cosmos.