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08-27-2012, 05:45 PM
Hi all,

This is my first post. I hope you're all doing great. I'm really happy to have found a forum specifically about ambient and for ambient lovers!

I would like to recommend one my very favorite albums. It's really extremely magical (I wouldn't take the time to recommend it otherwise). It's Singing The Boundaries by His Masters Voice.

It came out in 1997 so it's not new or anything, but it is certainly timeless. It does not have any style that can be identified as to era. That's one thing (among many) that makes it so unique.

It absolutely will take you on a journey to some weird alien desert places and puzzle you with its bizarre sounds and tones. I mean read these credits and you can see right away that it's not the usual:

Bass, Drums, Performer [Contact Microphones On Wire Fencing], Vocals [Overtone Singing], Percussion [Balophones], Percussion, Flute Jeph Jerman
Performer [Digital Signal Processing], Programmed By, Sequenced By, Sampler, Electronics, Percussion, Guitar, Clarinet, Tape Rick Kitch
Sampler, Electronics Randy Greif
Mastered By, Remix Rick Kitch

I sure as heck can't hear any clarinet in there, but they have done some freaky things with it I guess. Trust me, it doesn't sound anything like that instrument list would suggest. You just have to experience it. Anyway, it's highly recommended. Probably only available as a CD, but who knows (I haven't checked).