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05-08-2013, 01:13 PM
Hi folks !

Just joined the forum. I've come over from the Hawkwind Forum - where a group of musicians got together to release a free download - a double album of ambient an and space rock.

Solquinox's first collaborative double album - Floating Worlds - is available if you follow the links below.....

Sorry for a big download, but it's worth it ! ;-)

Part 1 - ambient

Part 2 - space rock

Just click on the links above, click the download button and save the zip file to your hard drive. If you unzip both files to the same directory, click YES if prompted to replace files which are already there. (The artwork directory is copied in both zips in case anyone downloaded just one file.)

This is a collaborative effor and thanks are due to all the artists who so kindly contributed tracks, time or artwork. Much appreciated, and we think you'll agree that the result is very successful ! Anyway, all the best and we all hope you enjoy the finished result. Hopefully more to follow !

You can mail us at [email protected] , by the way. Please feel free to distribute the files to anyone who might have an interest !!!

All the best
Dave - on behalf of Solquinox;)

05-08-2013, 01:14 PM
PS - album reviews so far !

We're planning a second release in a few months - again, completely free - and each individual artist will be doing their own releases in the interim.

Reviews - from the Hawkwind forum - hawkwindforum.freeforums.org -

"you guys are to be commended!. This is an outstanding collection - I never realised that there was so much talent out there !

There is not a single weak track in the entire collection, and I was struck by how the first few tracks on the 'ambient' disk in particular sounded really coherent, as if they were created as part of a single theme rather than by individual contributors.

This will be in heavy rotation for a while - thanks for such a brilliant job.

I think it definitely warrants being made available as a higher-resolution release (WAV or whatever) if there could be a way to distribute that.

Brilliant - thanks guys."

"Hi, Just finished listening to the AMBIENT side of things with Mary-Jane...

Sounds superb through my "Cans" !....

Very Professional Job....

Will be belting out the good ol' SPACE ROCK in the morning through the hi-fi......(Mary's coming too)... ...

Thanks Again, Much appreciated.... "

"Thoroughly enjoyed that.Thankyou all concerned,will be recommending it to friends.(lil acorns). "

"Many thanks for your efforts everyone - impressed with the results of this project."

"..how long before someone starts flogging this on Ebay under a "hawkwind" tag?

Enjoying the sounds, thank you. Time to start practising my monotron for the next album "

"Wow, it's very, very good! I listened to it twice at work last night and it's a great listen all the way through."

"Just the one track, that didn't ignite a spark of interest for me on the AMBIENT section.
Will try again & see if it does on another listen. Thoroughly enjoying the rest of it-Truly excellent soundz...Matches the artwork beautifully."