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    Hitman Jenkins

    Cocteau Twins

    Has anyone else here on the forums listened to these guys? I think they sound pretty cool, for those who don't know who they are, they're a Dream Pop band from Scotland, one of the pioneers of the genre actually! They broke up about 10 or so years ago, which is a shame, Anyway, here's a few of their songs, enjoy.

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    I actually love the Cocteau twins!

    My mum used to listen to them all the time. It wasn't until some times after she died that I decided to have a listen, and I can see why now! I particularly love 'Heaven or Las vegas'. Thay are really quite unique, and could use some modern day recognition. I am so with you on this one.

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    Your Mum had excellent taste in music , I listened to them from the early 80's on through to the early 90's, they were one of my favourite bands, they played a major role in my interest in ambient sounds along with Eno and Budd, check out the album 'Victorialand' it's a beautiful piece of work and is their most ambient sounding, also have you ever heard an album called 'The Moon and the Melodies' it's a joint effort between Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd and it's gorgeous.
    They were total pioneers, no one was doing anything like they were at the time, a great band and greatly missed.
    Robin Guthrie has done a lot of interesting work since Cocteau's with Harold Budd and John Foxx also, bye for now

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    Yeah, I like 'em, they remind me of a much earlier version of Ladytron. Great music.
    I especially like the second video/song.
    Thanks for sharing (:

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    Robin Guthrie on his own is great:

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    yeah I've got emeralds by Guthrie and its amazing

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    Always were one of my favorites. I especially like Victorialand, and the H Budd collaboration The Moon and the Melodies

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