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Thread: Relict ∅ Trauma (non-correlationist / relict noise, UA)

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    Relict ∅ Trauma (non-correlationist / relict noise, UA)

    Relict Trauma (just like as relict noise of the Universe itself, CMB) is a trauma of birth and life under the conditions of inevitable truth of extinction. The totality of Universe's heat death or the other faces of its coming to an end (decompactification of hidden dimensions? singularity with the Universe's mass?) turns all our antropomorphic representations, all our "Prometheanism" into the mimicry, which is aimed to hide from this truth, to "hide" the organon of extinction in the cloak of "organon of existence". Birth and life are lived under this RELICT trauma and only death, total identity to nothing (at sub-atomic level) would be our way out from this mortal coil.

    Ukrainian formation, heavy influenced by the sound of Coil, NON, Yello, Vangelis, mixed with the attitude (towards ontology) of I.H. Grant, R. Brassier, T. Ligotti, D. Benatar, as well as some classical philosophers (such as Kirkegaard, Camus, Deleuze and - among the most prominent - Nietzsche and Schelling). Out fuel and matters are the drugs and electricity; our case of "Non-euclydean geometry" in the philosophy of noise is James Whitehead (JLIAT), the modern artist and philosopher, John Cage's follower, who radicalizes his "great rejection" (in Marcuse's conception) of playing music down to its total destruction through the deconstruction of opposition between music and noise. Such a radicalization is in some sense is how Derrida's deconstruction radicalized Heidegger's destruction of metaphysics.

    "To us, there is no binary dichotomy such as "music - antimusic"; to us, rather music is "anti-noise', because noise is not only "a primal sound" - it gives ANY sound an ontological possibility to be present in Being. That is why our material combines melodical motifs, as well as power electronics, harsh noise, HNW, industrial, drone, EDM, EBM etc., - this is to human's anthropocentric view there is a distinction between music and not-music. "To" Universe it is only the RHYTHM of being exists, the rituornel which will end at it's heat death".

    Non-correlationist noise includes variety of subgenres synthetized by this ethics in making sound. So here you can listen to our most prominent sounds:

    Attachment 226
    r∅t∅ release (official album record 01)
    (power electronics)

    Attachment 225
    INDUST​.​ofthi​.​splanet (record ∅2)
    (industrial / EDM)

    affect machines
    (dark ambient / drone / epic / relict noise)

    organon of extinction (non-correlationist noise)
    (dark ambient / drone / epic / relict noise / EBM / industrial)

    Some lives:

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