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Thread: Ambient Music Conference - Helsinki, Finland - sponsored by AMBIcon

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    Ambient Indigo

    Ambient Music Conference - Helsinki, Finland - sponsored by AMBIcon

    I am pleased to announce a major new Ambient Music event in Europe - sponsored by AMBIcon - the Ambient Music Conference 2014, in Helsinki Finland June 27-28 2014.

    More than just a concert, it will be a total ambient music immersion, a chance to hear great ambient music but also an opportunity to meet and network with fellow enthusiasts. We have brought together some of the best up-and-coming international ambient talents, along with established local names, in an amazing venue. Located in the heart of forests and lakes, part of the front wall of the auditorium can be opened up to give a view of the stunning scenery beyond, providing a spectacular backdrop for musical performance.

    The event kicks off with a Networking Dinner before a unique night of "dark ambient" with the Finns.

    In addition to live performers, the main conference day will present educational sessions, specially-commissioned music for video, a live web cast, and a chance for participants to have their own music included in our pre-concert Mix.

    Our performers include the legendary Finnish ambient electronic band Nemesis, and a much-anticipated debut European performance from Ascendant, joining us all the way from California. This ambient duo comprises Chris Bryant, well-known in the ambient world from his solo releases as S1gns of L1fe, along with grammy-nominated mastering engineer Don Tyler, aka Phase47.

    If you are an ambient music composer or enthusiast, this event offers an amazing chance to network with like-minded people, learn something new, have your own music heard, hear some of the best live ambient music around, and generally have an unforgettable Helsinki City Break experience.

    Check more, including sounds and podcast, at :

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    Ambient Indigo

    Ambient Music Conference 2014 - Helsinki

    You can listen to some of the performers on the event Soundcloud page:

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    This sounds fantastic, I'm going to give some serious thought to going. Would you object to me filming a small documentary there if I can find a willing team?
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    Ambient Indigo
    Hei Will - I sent you a PM

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    This needs a bump! I would LOVE to go there!
    It would be cool if we were a group from AMF who went there

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    Ambient Indigo
    The Ambient Music Conference in Helsinnki has just announced the Keynote Speaker as one of the biggest names in ambient music, California-based STEPHEN HILL, creator, producer, and host of the contemporary space music radio show Hearts of Space.

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    Ambient Indigo
    Friendly bump for this event - Ambient Music Conference in Helsinki June 27-28
    You can enjoy the music on 3 levels :
    1. @ 13 EUR only for Friday evening Dark Ambient concert featuring Finnish artists
    2. @ 35 EUR for the Saturday evening concert featuring international performers
    3. @ 135 EUR for a full 13 hour programme with performers, speakers, lunch & dinner, plus the Saturday evening concert as well

    Artists from Norway, England, USA, Netherlands, and France ... plus Finland of course.

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