But there are many houses with either attached or detached garages, and these garages can be considered very nice residing areas. Actually there are 1940s and 1950s-era homes with single-car garages that beckon to be changed into

something livable. Regardless of whether you'd like an extra bedroom, home office,Oversized Canvas Art songs room, craft room, playroom or a few other living room, these garages can be

ideal candidates.

A such project, you'll want to make certain that the converted garage area will have enough light and space,Large Abstract Painting
comply with local ordinances and building codes as well as be warm in winter and cool in summer season.

As always, consult with a qualified professional before undertaking such a task.
Modern Kitchen by FABRE/deMARIEN
1. The floor. A converted garage is made into a vivid and spacious living space.Extra Large Contemporary Art The particular new concrete floor is raised above

street level to keep water out of the interior.
The opening. Whenever converting a garage to livable space,Abstract Painting there's always the issue of what to do with the garage door opening. Because this starting and the garage doorways have such a

large effect on the overall look of the house, much more

sense to fill the opening with a large-scale element. For example, a good solution is to keep a garage door in the opening while making sure the door is weather tight. This is the approach taken in the next photo.
Conventional Home Office by Witt Construction
Witt Construction
Regular carriage-style garage doors are also good options, as they may be a featured component on the interior while maintaining the initial garage look on the exterior.

Look for a garage door dealer in your area
Contemporary Home Theater by Ed Ritger Photography
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Another method is to have large windows or doors fill up the opening. Something like these large folding cup doors can be considered a good option provided there’s a fit with the overall aesthetics of the outside.

Most door pros can properly measure and fit any style