These spaces often are hidden from the street, behind the home or enclosed in walls.Oversized Canvas Art
This particular Mount Well-ventilated home features a electric motor court located where it is obvious from the street, so that passersby might see kids actively playing basketball

or families unpacking groceries from the car.

Motor courts can be a great area for hosting a party or playing with the dogs.Large Abstract Painting They can also work as sophisticated, secluded entries for high-profile homes. If you’d like to

contemplate a electric motor court for your own home, here are 5 design

elements you’ll want to think about.
Traditional Exterior by Jonathan Miller Architecture & Style
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1. Dimension and shape. Motor courts are where cars and people meet, Abstract Painting so level is important. They can be any condition but need to be designed so a vehicle can move easily — and safely

— around. In order to get started, think about whether you want a car

to turn around in the area or just drive through it. Also consider scale. A huge court is great for cars but can dwarf a small house.
Placement. Motor courts should be located near structures. Because they are a transition space between car and building, they are typically adjacent to the home or garage.Extra Large Contemporary Art They could also be useful near outbuildings for loading or as a

place to change around.

This motor court found in front of the house works as an entry room connecting the garage and front entrance. A courtroom in front of your home is typically more formal, and materials should match or enhance your home.
Barrier. A common feature of motor courts — and exactly what really units them aside from just being oversized driveways — is the barrier. Enclosing the space with walls or fences creates a room and a feeling of security. Especially

with an

added gate, the barrier enables you to unload kids and pets safely even close to a busy street. The particular barrier also provides privacy and soundproofing, making it a great choice for metropolitan and suburban front yards. The home

pictured here uses a

mix of hedges and stone walls to create a hurdle.