The backstory: Bill McGuire plus Stephen Theroux of Nantucket Architecture Group had already been to this home before.Abstract Painting They had actually renovated the primary home twice: once for the

previous proprietors and when for the present owners. This time around, the

present house owners wanted to turn the particular garage across the driveway in to a home gym.

The issues: The garage had simply no plumbing, electricity or insulating material.Abstract Art It only had cement block walls from the 1920s and dirt upward to the roofline upon three sides, McGuire

states. Without electricity and water, the home owners cannot have got

air conditioning, powered products or a sauna that will they wanted.

The problems: The home includes a long, narrow road, which produced hauling supplies and big pieces of machinery more difficult and time-consuming.Large Abstract Painting
The entire project took seven a few months, and McGuire says the particular challenge of the road added an extra

Before: The old concrete ground was removed, and brand new concrete flooring was set up. They also installed domestic plumbing lines and electrical outlets.
Beach Style Home Fitness center by Nantucket Architecture Team Ltd.
Nantucket Architecture Team Ltd.
After: The brilliant white garage doors open up to a house gym, filled with multiple items of workout equipment, dumbbells and mirrors.

Flooring: The particular workout equipment sits upon top of a rubberized mat flooring, which addresses the newest concrete and gives the house owners a a lot more forgiving surface to exercise upon.
Oversized Canvas Art

Doors: The white garage area doors that swing open up were created particularly for the garage. The prior doors were no lengthier operable.

“Thistle Help” indication: Nantucket Carving and Folks Art; garage door: custom made by contractor Kyle Snell