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Thread: Gus Till - Between The Silence [Cyan Music]

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    Gus Till - Between The Silence [Cyan Music]

    Gus Till - Between The Silence
    Label: Cyan Music
    Cat No#: CY-004
    Format: Digital & Limited Edition CD
    Genre: Ambient / Electronica

    The Morning of the World. A land full of mysticism of spirituality and of eternal contrasts. Where moments of beauty cohabit with the chaos and noise of countless motorcycles, screeching cocks and howling dogs. Where the simplest most beautiful gestures are found daily at every crossroads, with offerings made by ladies in their ceremonial best oblivious to the trucks flashing past, drivers wild eyed, mere inches away. Serenity amidst the asphalt chaos that progress in it’s limitless appeal has bequeathed.

    The industry and heat of the day are supplanted by the lull and cool of the evening.* The magic of Bali is found floating in the air as the sound of the gamelan rings out at sunset. Whole villages come alive to the exquisite and exotic sound of the excited tones of this local percussion jewel where fifty or more play in rapture, for their temple, for tourists and for themselves. Once heard, forever identified with Bali.

    But this xylophone jewel plays not to the 12 tone beat of the west but instead follows a scale of only 5 notes, often non-commensurate and dissonant with our familiar western system. Harmonising the two is not an attempt at fusion but instead an artist’s attempt at impressionism -*to recreate and interpret the fleeting moments and idylls of a balinese year - the balinese year that exists 'Between the Silence'...

    The Balinese animism that fixes their lives, the fight between good and evil, with the gods in the mountains, the demons the sea and themselves delicately balanced in between, is one of perpetual regeneration where time starts again each year and the linear chronology of the west gives way to a more primitive measure.*

    The Balinese year starts and ends with Nyepi, a day of silence, meditation and peace. It is a time for reflection, preceded by burnings exorcising the demons and evil spirits that inhabit the crossroads of life and offerings given to placate the destructive forces of nature. It is a regeneration that allows the Balinese to truly live not just between heaven and earth but Between the Silence...

    Track Listing:
    1. Waking Light (Semengan)
    2. Kites (Layangan)
    3. Light Rain (Gerimis)
    4. Empty Village at Noon
    5. Between the Silence
    6. Offerings (Canang)
    7. Green Birds (Kedis Gadang)
    8. Hillside
    9. Idle Afternoon (The Long Shadows)
    10. Full Moon (Purnama)
    11. Silence of the Lambent

    Written and produced by Gus Till
    Except Green Birds, Full Moon and Silence of the Lambent written with Simon Polinski (Bass Guitars)
    Ambient sounds on Full Moon recorded during full-moon in Banjar Basangkasa


    Ltd Ed 6 Panel gatefold digipak CD with booklet .... BUY NOW ....AUD$25.00 includes free shipping Worldwide.
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    Gus Till - Tides ...from 'between the silence'


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    Today is going to be a good day Will's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Sorry it's taken me a while to acknowledge this, been busy with things.

    I really love the track in the video, great use of samples and very dreamy! I'm looking forward to buying the album as soon as I get a chance. Better for me to download, as they mail system is non too great here.

    I can see this being the kind of thing I'll listen to when I'm going to sleep. Perfect.

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    Gran Torino
    I heard my very first Gus Til tune last night, called Monkey in the Black Sky, I believe, and I fell in love. I can't wait to find more music from this artist.

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    Hitman Jenkins
    Just listened to Kites, what a beautiful piece of music!

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