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Part of being thoughtful will have to do with delivering what you advertised in your email newsletter. If you stated on the sign-up page that yours was a bi-monthly newsletter that would have factual articles with how-tos and tips as well as special subscriber-only offers, then you want to send on that schedule and supply that type of content. This doesnít mean that there isnít room to grow and expand the content of your email newsletter Cheap Sam Dekker Jersey , only that you need to ensure consistency with the expectations you set in your subscribers. As you grow your newsletter, you might find that you allow your subscribers the option of signing up to receive only certain types of communication. This will allow them to further select the type of communication they receive from you and possibly the frequency with which they get those emails. In some cases where there are a lot of newsletters going out companies will allow their readers to choose a less frequent option Ė this is a great way to keep subscribers on your list who are too busy or receive too many other emails to get everything you have to offer but still want to be kept in the loop.

When sending out your email newsletter, you want to consider the timing not just for your own purposes but to be taking the reader into consideration as well. This can be as basic as what day of the week you send your emails (Monday morning can be a hectic time, and sending Friday afternoon when people are ready to go isnít really your best choice either) to what kind of content you include and when. When you hold sales and specials Cheap Patrick Beverley Jersey , for example, could be timed with when people tend to be making purchases anyway.

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by Maria Spiliopoulou, Valentini Anagnostopoulou

ELEFSINA Cheap James Harden Jersey , Greece, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) -- A troupe of artists fromChina's renowned Huangmei Anhui Opera Theater gave a performance ofthe classic play "Marriage of the Fairy Princess" on Sunday duringone of Greece's most prestigious cultural festivals.

Spectators at the old oil mill of Elefsina, the main venue ofAeschylus Festival, were treated to singing and dancing and theplot of a centuries-old tale.

The festival takes place 17-km southwest of Athens in the citywhere ancient Greek tragedian Aeschylus was born 2 Wholesale Houston Rockets Jerseys ,500 years ago.It was here the Chinese artists presented a masterpiece of one ofChina's most important opera styles in the past two centuries.

Sunday's show was one of the highlights of the 60 theatrical,dance and music performances, visual art exhibitions and other artevents included in the festival's program this summer, organizerssaid.

It was staged as the two countries celebrate the China-Greececultural exchanges and culture industry cooperation year in2017.

After the twinning of Elefsina and China's Haicheng city in2014 Wholesale Rockets Jerseys , it is the fourth consecutive year the Greek festival hashosted a Chinese cultural production.

"Anhui Huangmei Opera's performance in Greece represents aculture exchange and interaction between the East and the West,"said Dong Qing, president of the Association of Anhui Arts.

"Huangmei opera is one of the five main operas of China. We arevery proud to introduce this to the world on behalf of AnhuiProvince and China," leading actress Yuan Yuan told Xinhua.

Huangmei Anhui Opera Theater troupe has promoted China'straditional artform worldwide with great success Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys , and the28-year-old actress said she felt honored to be part of thishistory since she was 8 years old.

Among the Greek spectators who enjoyed the performance wasElefsina Mayor Yorgos Tsoukalas.

Speaking to Xinhua, he expressed eagerness to further enhanceties between his municipality, one of Greece's main industrialzones, and China.

"After Elefsina was chosen as European Cultural Capital Cheap Rockets Jerseys , we wantto come in closer contact with other civilizations...The Chinesecivilization is one of the most important in antiquity and moderntimes and from this point of view, we are trying to learn from theChinese theater and Chinese peoples' views in the past and today,"Tsoukalas said.

Elefsina has been declared European Capital of Culture for2021.

"Our festival is a festival with a 43-year-long history whichhas preserved its values and is constantly improving...Our aim isto make culture a way of living for the people of Elefsina,"Konstantina Marougka Wholesale Nene Jersey , the festival's spokesperson added.

Elefsina focuses on deepening its ties in particular with China,one of the greatest ancient civilizations, Marougka underlined.

As part of the Aeschylus Festival this year, Elefsina is alsohosting an exhibition of Chinese opera costumes until Sept. 9.Enditem

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