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Thread: ambience through field recordings

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    ambience through field recordings

    Hey folks,

    I recorded some instruments and... things yesterday, trying to create some ambience. I'm totally new to ambient recording so I don't have any clues what could add to the atmosphere. So I'm keen on some feedback! Is the effect level decent enough, could there be more? What about some drones? What is the best way to start with "droning", using synths or bass guitar? How do you change the details in a drone sound, when the track is running for 20 minutes? I'm using Studio One and the stuff I find to record. Got inspired by Northaunt, Biosphere, Mathias Grassow, Rapoon and so on. Stuff I used in the recording: Chimes, bells, gong, saz, mouth harp, voice, a wooden curtain, cajon, triangle, cowbell, ...
    Looking forward to some feedback!

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    I tried some more experimentation, and started to record outside with a Zoom H2n, which is really fun! I find this more interesting than the other sample...

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