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Thread: Iji Recordings announce about the gathering of unsigned tracks for the compilation.

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    Iji Recordings

    Iji Recordings looking unsigned tracks for official compilation

    Dear producers, Iji Recordings is looking for unsigned tracks to be on the 3rd volume of 'Orangereya' compilations series which will be released early 2014.

    With the first episode released in 2011, 'Orangereya' series is all about the unique atmosphere with the best easy-listening and/or downtempo tracks carefully compiled and mixed by our artist Vasiliy Dvortsov, better known as 'The Orange'. We are looking for unusual and beautiful tracks of IDM, Post-Rock, Modern Classic, Chill Out, Ambient, Space, Soundtrack, Electronic and Downtempo. Please send your tracks submissions [email protected] and we will surely take a listen.



    Additional info:
    Iji Recordings

    The Orange
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