George Kittle is collecting accolades http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49e...uszczyk-jersey , thanks in part to ‘H3, 2Y, Knot X Go’ The San Francisco 49ers are coming off a tough loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. A loss made in part by pass-catchers dropping passes left and right. Tight end George Kittle had one catch he may want back, but he also made up for it with a wonderful 82-yard gem that may be the highlight of the day. Roll it!So what exactly was that? Why that was a play from the Kyle Shanahan playbook known as none other than “H3, 2Y, Knot X Go.” Yeah, it sounds like the name of an influenza strain, but that’s the difficulty of Shanahan’s playbook for you. There’s a few hundred of those plays, and a quarterback has to remember all of them. Which explains why it’s so difficult to master it within one season. Kyle Shanahan was asked about this specific play at his press conference Monday: Scheme talks like these are so refreshing. They never came out during the Jim Harbaugh days http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49e...itchell-jersey , despite fan curiosity on the matter. In any case, that’s “H3, 2Y, Knot X Go.” Save it and tell your friends. Run it in Madden. Who needs Spider 2 Y-Banana when you got that? Back to Kittle: He finished the Chargers game with six receptions for 125 yards which includes that 82 yard dime.He didn’t just have a good Week 4, he’s having a good season. Four games in and he’s the top-rated tight end with a 90.0 grade, per Pro Football Focus.For the curious, O.J. Howard is second at 86.9 and big-name Travis Kelce is fourth at 81.1. In just his second season, Kittle is having a career year, and is on pace for 1 http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49e...-staley-jersey ,263 receiving yards—which would be a franchise record for receiving yards by a 49ers tight end. To add more to Kittle-mania, he also made PFF’s Week 4 Team of the Week. He also did this in Week 3. We’re four games in but Kittle has become an absolute steal from the 2017 draft. He was taken in the fifth round and if this play keeps up he should have been taken a lot sooner. The San Francisco 49ers are officially into their bye week, but after the players get some time off, they will return for preparations against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although Week 11 has not been played yet, we already have Week 12 lookahead lines from the Westgate SuperBook. The lookahead line has the 49ers as a five-point underdog on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Sportsbooks offer lookahead lines to give people an idea of how a pair of teams are perceived. The official line will come out later this coming Sunday late afternoon, and this gives us something for comparison. Injuries and performance will dictate just how much it’s worth changing, and what sportsbooks think about the betting public.Back in May, sportsbook operator CG Technology released lookahead lines for the first 16 weeks of the 2018 NFL season. You could not bet on the lines (outside of Week 1), but it provided a baseline for comparison. The 49ers were installed as a one-point favorite against the Bucs. The loss of Jimmy Garoppolo swung the line in a big way http://www.authenticssanfrancisco49e...goodwin-jersey , and Nick Mullens will not be dragging the line back any.The Bucs travel to face the New York Giants this weekend. Regardless of the outcome of that game, I don’t expect a ton of change in the 49ers-Bucs line. If the Bucs get thumped in New Jersey, maybe the line comes down. But even if the Bucs beat the Giants in a big way, New York stinks, and I don’t think we see a heavy enough rush to cause a big swing in the Week 12 line.