in Los Angeles Devin Mesoraco Jersey , flew all night and arrived in his new home just before sunrise. The temperature was still falling toward zero, and the wind chill was enough to cause frostbite in a few minutes.That first blast of cold as he left the plane was another reminder: You’re not in LA anymore, Yasiel.The former Dodgers outfielder who was part of a seven-player deal with Cincinnati in December decided to explore his new town Wednesday. He did just about every Cincinnati thing that a visitor could do on a below-freezing day.Puig looked for a place to live, visited Great American Ball Park , and spent time with children at the Reds’ baseball academy. He went to City Hall and met the mayor. One of the local chili parlors tweeted hello.During his visit to the new clubhouse, Puig got a Reds home jersey with No. 66 and his name on the back. Also, a red-and-gray stocking cap that sure came in handy under the conditions, though he insisted that 20-below wind chill wasn’t intimidating.“It’s not that cold,” he said in a tone that had less conviction than his words. “It’s all in your head. I’ll be fine. It’s not going to be like that in the season.”Reds fans are hoping Puig and a cadre of newcomers can make this season one worth following, finally.After four straight rebuilding seasons with at least 94 losses — and significant attendance drops — the Reds have overhauled their rotation and lineup in a series of trades giving them an entirely different look for at least one year.The Reds got Puig , left-handed starter Alex Wood and outfielder Matt Kemp from the Dodgers in December . Puig and Kemp are free agents after this season, so Cincinnati could be just a one-year stand for them.For Puig, it’s a chance to solidify his free agent resume in a smaller ballpark and a much smaller city that’s been waiting for a reason to be excited.LA to Cincy? Dodger Dogs for three-way chili? How’s that going to work?“I’ve been playing in a small city, a small country, almost all my life,” said Puig, who grew up in Cuba.He hasn’t yet met most of his new teammates — that will happen in a few weeks in Goodyear, Arizona — but he’s part of a text chain with 10-15 players who stay in touch daily. The most familiar person on the team is batting coach Turner Ward, who left the Dodgers after last season to join manager David Bell’s staff.Ward helped Puig significantly in LA, and the outfielder showed his appreciation by planting a kiss on his cheek after a home run. Puig also developed a habit of licking his bat when he feels he needs good luck. He plans to continue the smooching and showing his personality in his new town.“I was born like that Pedro Martinez Jersey ,” he said. “No matter where I play, no matter what’s the city, I do that.”The Reds’ offseason makeover involves more than Puig and a new coaching staff. They also traded with the Nationals for starter Tanner Roark and with the Yankees for starter Sonny Gray, giving him an additional three years on his contract that added $30.5 million in guaranteed money from 2020-22.It’s unclear how far they can rise in the tough NL Central, where they’ve been at the bottom for years. Puig’s arrival gives them a fresh face that fans already know from afar.Puig has already had one memorable moment in Cincinnati. During a Dodgers visit in 2014, he went to the zoo and got a snake draped over his shoulders, leaving him with a look of dread that made for a memorable photo. Puig plans to visit the zoo again.“But the snake thing — that’s not going to happen for myself,” he said. NEW YORK (AP) — Jessica Mendoza has heard the ribbing.An ESPN “Sunday Night Baseball” analyst since 2015, she added a part-time role last month as a New York Mets baseball operations adviser.“OK, you work for the Mets Max Kepler Jersey , we can’t talk to you anymore,” she recalled hearing from teams during her spring training rounds, quickly adding “in a joking way.”She’s not worried that wearing two hats will lead to less inside info for her two ears. In an era when players and clubs treat the tiniest tidbit as a state secret, Mendoza already felt teams were hesitant to provide her intelligence in her pundit role because they knew “information they would give me as a member from ESPN was about to go on air.” She doesn’t expect that to change with the new job title.Mendoza spoke Thursday during a conference call with booth-mate Alex Rodriguez to promote the 30th anniversary of ESPN’s Sunday night broadcasts, which also include play-by-play man Matt Vasgersian.Mark Gross, ESPN senior vice president of production and remote events, expressed confidence in Mendoza’s impartiality. She will continue to broadcast games involving the Mets.“We’re not looking to fool anybody. We’re not looking to trick the viewers into anything,” he said. “We’ll be upfront with viewers off the top of the game, letting people know, and we will let the viewers decide ultimately if this is something that they’re on board with.”Rodriguez has been a New York Yankees adviser since his retirement Zach Duke Jersey , among several players to work as broadcasters while retaining a part-time role with a team.“Alex’s commentary last year on a Yankee game was no different than if it was on any other game,” Gross said.A member of the U.S. Olympic softball team in 2004 and 2008, Mendoza said new Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen first spoke with her about a position last August or September, when he still was co-head of the CAA Baseball agency and was preparing to interview with New York.“I’m actually putting you in my presentation and I just wanted to get your OK with that, your thoughts,” she remembered him saying. “So we kind of started talking about it then, and from there, obviously, he got the job.”Van Wagenen asked her at first whether she would move to New York to work for the Mets full-time, an entreaty Mendoza took as “a little joking.” The 38-year-old wanted to remain in California , where her kids go to school.She views ESPN as her “full-bore priority.” Mendoza has spent one day working for the Mets since she was hired March 5.Mendoza says she isn’t worried that Mets owner Fred Wilpon or chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon, the owner’s son, would be upset if she is critical. Mendoza promises to be just as reproving directly with team management.“Part of my job is to kind of look, evaluate and knowing that, be honest. I’m an analyst first,” she said. “I would hope that that’s why they hired me, because of my honesty and criticism and not just to say all the right things.”