Hello all!
Haven't been around the forum for a while but as you all know the music never stops.

I bring news of a compilation that was released today featuring Neuron Dreamtime's "Would Anyone Want It?" from the album Zero Cliff. There are 14 other bands on this compilation and the flow of music is spectacular. Available for free only on Bandcamp.


"Haunting guitar chords, soaring electronics, and passionate vocals are my vision of post-alternative music. Far from the mainstream, my internet radio shows on WoodyRadio.com bring together new independent artists along with the classics in post-punk & alternative rock, electronic, avant garde and experimental music. All of the artists featured on this compilation are talented musicians of action and reaction, making statements, creating new music with drive and energy and paying homage to the alternative music genres of the past. Brought together from around the world, the exceptional tracks on this compilation represent an brilliant generation of imaginative musicians who I have played on the air during my shows and who bring together the sounds I love ... so listen with your heart, feel with your soul and smile with your eyes as you experience post-alternative visions."