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Thread: Please let me know what you think of my first video (inspired by Solar Fields)

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    Please let me know what you think of my first video (inspired by Solar Fields)

    Hello fellow ambient and just general atmospheric music/imagery lovers! I have been a long time fanatic of this genre. My introduction to this wonderful world was the beautiful work of Magnus Birgersson (Solar Fields). I discovered his work during a very rough time in my life. Without going into details, his music is the reason i am still alive. Since then i have been a avid lover of the genre. It is what keeps me going everyday and keeps my sanity intact. I recently made my first ambient video which you can view here:

    I kept it short as a way of testing the waters so please let me know what your thoughts are by commenting on the video. Also please subscribe to my youtube channel if you would like to see more.

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    You found a beautiful time of day to film, some lovely colours in there. I think having autofocus on spoiled things a little however. I can see what you were trying to achieve though, and it fits very nicely with this wonderful music. By all means show us more.
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    Did you remove the video? Unfortunately I was unable to experience it! You had me at the Solar Fields reference though.

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