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Thread: Song from circa 2003

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    Song from circa 2003

    I had been listening to Hearts Of Space one night sometime between 2001 - 2003 and had to run an errand midway thru the program that night. So I left a cassette (remember those?) in the stereo to record til I got back. So I end up hearing the above piece of work. Yet I never did catch the name of it nor the composer/artist. And at some point I'm sure all of us have been thru the search of some beautiful ambient piece for hours or even years on end.

    It's not like for everyone else you hear "if you don't take her out tonight you're gonna find her gone" and in seconds find out it's You're Gonna Lose That Girl by The Beatles. The above is a hard piece to narrow down. Sounds like a wind pipe on a simple keyboard backing. The cassette hasn't aged well so I would LOVE to find out who this may be. Any help would be deeply appreciated! Thank you

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    well, this is a hard one, but i will do my best to find it!

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    Yeah I know. It's so simple it's hard to narrow down on who it could be. It's not Harold Budd, Steve Roach or Brian Eno, that's for sure lol. It almost seems to have like an arctic feel to it.

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    I finally emerged from the lab with the correct formula. Taking advice here, I used Sound Hound and found it is "Night Fishing" by Darshan Ambient.

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