Back in the day Cullen Gillaspia Jersey , by which I mean around 2000 and later, most young men coming into the NFL were about the worst players in the league. The college game was just so different back then and the NFL wasnít a multi-billion corporation. Today, kids specialize in a certain sport from a young age and go to all kinds of quarterback camps and special training programs. College football is almost as lucrative as pro football and many head coaches used to coach in the NFL.What Iím saying is that rookies in todayís NFL are better than ever. Cam Newton, for example, threw for 4,000 yards his rookie year! Compare that to Joe Montanaís 96 yards his rookie year and you might notice a bit of a difference. The players have changed, the level of competition has changed, and the rules have changed so much itís easy for rookies to come into the league and set the world on fire right away. Itís actually expected of many of them now, and this yearís draft will be no different.Yet despite how good some rookies have been over the years Tytus Howard Jersey , thereís also been one sad trend. Some players not only peek in their rookie year, they completely collapse after their first season.Itís impossible to say why these players were such one year wonders, just as itís so hard to say why they were so successful in the first place. All the training in the world, millions of dollars and countless hours put into training and development pays off for one brilliant year, then the player totally forgets everything? Maybe itís the limelight, the sudden burst of success, income, and fame that some players arenít ready for. Maybe some guys reach the top of the mountain and lose interest. Maybe someone had a great coach that left, or a player that helped them learn that left.Whatever the reason Rock Ya-Sin Jersey , hereís our list of the Top 15 NFL Players Who Fell Apart After Their Rookie Season. Los Angeles Angels two-way rookie Shohei Ohtani will be re-evaluated within the next three weeks to gauge progress in his recovery from a sprained ligament in his right elbow.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia announced the slight adjustment to Ohtaniís timeline Monday before his club opened an interleague series against Arizona.

Scioscia also said the Angels are Ēvery optimisticĒ about Ohtaniís prognosis. The Japanese star has been simulating swings with a bat in his left hand and participating in strength training and running for the past three to four days. A right-handed pitcher and left-handed batter, he wonít throw for at least two more weeks.

Ohtani is Ēdoing as much as he can without impacting his elbow,Ē Scioscia said.

The Angels initially said Ohtani would be re-evaluated within three weeks after his injections of platelet-rich plasma and stem cells. That procedure occurred June 7, one day after the Grade 2 sprain was discovered.

Scioscia said Monday the checkup will happen Ēin two to three weeks,Ē indicating the Angels might not take the next step in Ohtaniís recovery until July.

ĒWeíre not quite there yet,Ē Scioscia said. ĒBut I think within the two- or three-week range from now, when heís evaluated, weíll certainly have an idea of what you can add to his workload, what heís able to do. Get an idea where exactly the healing process is , quantify it, and weíll have an idea.Ē

Ohtani hasnít played since June 6, when he left a start after four innings due to another blister on his fingers. The Angels subsequently discovered the strained ligament and took quick steps in hopes of avoiding Tommy John surgery for their prized rookie.

Scioscia declined to speculate about whether Ohtani could continue his career as a designated hitter if he was unable to pitch for a prolonged period.

Ē(When) we talk about Shohei, itís really two different players,Ē Scioscia said. ĒAnd one does not necessarily impact the other unless he was doing both at the same time, like when heís pitching and he needed days off to recover and then he could hit.Ē

Ohtani, who turns 24 next month, is off to an outstanding start in his first stateside season as baseballís most successful two-way player in decades. He is 4-1 with a 3.10 ERA on the mound, and is batting .289 with six homers and 20 RBIs during 30 starts as a designated hitter.

The Angels have been on the road since Ohtaniís injury was discovered Khari Willis Jersey , but they returned to Anaheim on Sunday night to begin their only week at home until July.

ĒInitially, he was obviously very disappointed (by the injury),Ē Scioscia said. ĒI think that as heís gone through this first week of therapy, I think heís come to grips with it and understands exactly what the process will be. The medical staff and Dr. (Steve) Yoon are very optimistic, so weíll evaluate in two to three weeks, get a better idea.Ē