New collaborative release between A Virtual Memory and Op. Erration, an alias of SeisMoGraph. This release features reworkings of two older AVM tracks from 2018's "Cancer Eater" single as well as three new compositions, one of which features frequent collaborator Uunslit on vocals. This record, stylistically, brings together influences of industrial, dark ambient, glitch, drone, noise, and experimental music. Suffice to say, if you enjoyed the previous AVM album, "Item 08: Thresholds in Flux [Vol. 02]", or anything from Silent Method Records, you may find something here to your liking.



SeisMoGraph's work can be found here:

Uunslit's work can be found here:

If you're interested in hearing the earlier (and shorter) versions of tracks 06 and 09, listen to them here: