Hi All,

I had a copied cassette back in 1997-98, which contained the best ambient track I ever heard. Unfortunately nobody knew who was the artist who created that stunning tracks - and also I lost that tape many years ago. I am still looking for that artist and now I had all the fax/namlook stuff, and most of the greatest ambient releases (steve roach, oophoi, tetsu inoue etc..) but still have not found that stuff.

The overall mood of the tape was went from beautiful to haunting, however the tracks were more varied than for example namlook albums.. some tracks was drone or synthscapes and some had tribal elements and slow bass rumblings and most of them contained field recording samples.

the second track of the cassette was like a spinning/bubbling synth or modified guitar sound. I think the tracks started with the sound of thunder and the synth sound was like raindrops.

Around the end of side one, there was a slow bassy track that sounded like it was recorded underwater. If I need to compare to something, maybe it sounded like Astroid era Emmanuel Top or something off chain reaction label.

The most beautiful track was on the second side of the cassette (it was a longer track in the middle or the end of the cassette). It was a beautiful drone track with modified guitar sound or piano on top (it was like played at a funeral) and in the background there was field recording sample of children laughing and running around on pavement (or maybe playground), you could hear bicycle bells ringing and moving cycle sounds. Then there was a moaning (or maybe treated inarculated adult voice) from that point the drone was more intense and whole track became more dramatic.

I checked Lustmord and especially Illusion of Safety (of&the) and some industrial/drone/ambient artists but I still have not found who made this.

Please let me know if you recongize this (especially the last track with the children laughing)