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Thread: Ambient Guitar Tone?/ Guitar Gear talk

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    Ryan Lutton

    Ambient Guitar Tone?/ Guitar Gear talk

    if you play guitar on your ambient songs, how do you get guitar tones for ambient music? pedals, amps, microphones, compressors or do you alter the guitar in the daw? would be good to hear how other musicians do things.

    I use my pedalboard for most of it which is set up
    boss-ds1 (for experimenting, thinking of replacing it with a ehx-superego)

    whats your method for guitar?


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    Here's some ambient patches I've created on my Line6 Pod HD500. It's mostly about big reverb and volume swells, and other things in between

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnttiLoponen View Post
    Here's some ambient patches I've created on my Line6 Pod HD500. It's mostly about big reverb and volume swells, and other things in between

    Very good guitar ambient music, I love it.

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    I use a lot of things to get my ambient guitar tones but the pedals I have found to be the most useful are:

    -Dunlop Volume Pedal-

    This one is the silver version so I can't speak for the new or older ones. This one is really nice as long as you don't use the tuner out jack, it has a bit of signal suck specifically in the mids. I enjoy the smooth response, ramp and no added noise on my heel down to toe down movement. I unfortunately can't say the same for the two passive Morely volume pedals I bought, everything is great about them but they always have a bit of added sound on the lower volume part of the sweep. I would say this is a volume pedal is almost necessary to play ambient guitar.

    -Rocktron Piranha Preamp-

    I use this for all my sounds going out to my pedals, sometimes I'll put an OD before it when I some subtle breakup. This is a good preamp, it basically has 3 flavors on offer modern distortion, classic distortion, and clean. I can have 99 different presets with it but I really only use about 4 different ones. I also have a cheap speaker emulator before my sound board to make it not sound terrible.

    -EHX POG2-

    I love to use this pedal to get low octaves, high octave, volume swells, filter sweeps, you name it. Once you get how it works it will become a great tool. I would recommend using it in the effects loop but it sounds great anywhere.

    -Alexander Effects Radical Delay-

    Awesome 80's inspired digital delay, it has more modes than I will ever really use. I just really dig digital delays and the 80's had some cool tones from what I have heard on albums so I figured why not?

    -T.C. Electronic Arena Reverb-

    I recommend using the toneprint to make your own glorious sounding reverb, it plays well with other pedals and can be as in your face or as laid back as you want it.

    I find that I also enjoy 24 fret H-S-S guitars for their range of tones you can get that all play nice together. I have some music out that is all guitar to give you an idea of all the crazy sounds you can get.

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