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Thread: Hey guys new artist looking some feedback & some friends!

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    Smile Hey guys new artist looking some feedback & some friends!

    Like it says up above. I have a deep love for all things ambient.
    Have created about 10 pieces so far and I am posting them up on youtube every few days. Only 2 up so far, 1 more up tomorrow. I don't seem to have a set genre. I like to make all different kinds of ambient music. If you listen to the two I have put up and then listen to the third tomorrow (which is very out there dark stuff) you will see what I mean.

    One day I will sit at my Pc, feel super happy, and create a super happy sound Then the next day if I got the grumps I will create a monster

    But I enjoy it all and that is all that matters. Would be nice to hear what some of you guys think. And if any of you also have some stuff I could listen to (and maybe learn a bit along the way as well) that would be fantastic.


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    Does nobody go on this site?

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    IME it can be difficult to get a read or listen if you are new to a forum (like you and I both are). But if you look, at least several posts per day...

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    Not bad, although I don't think it necessarily falls under any ambient genre or likeness that I am aware of. Minecraft rules by the way

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    hey, I'm new myself!

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