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Thread: Need song/artist reccommendations.

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    Need song/artist reccommendations.

    So I'm at a loss for finding an atmospheric song such as the one featured in the intro of this video. Specifically in pursuit of one that has a twinkling audio effect to represent stars or celestial bodies. Basically anything soft, slow paced....can include bass, classical or electronic elements.
    All feedback is highly appreciated! XX


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    BREATHE are an atmospheric/ambient band who are (I say are but it was one dude I believe) in my local area who blew me away with a really glossy and glistening sound. Check out either BREATHE - Seed Vol. I (Prelude) or Lift Ft. Helen Victory by them, they have real potential and they have that slow soft pace you're looking for. And ooo, check out Nordic Giants Little Bird too if that doesn't float your boat

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