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Thread: Contemplate to form. "VX209" Audio/Visual

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    Contemplate to form. "VX209" Audio/Visual

    BASK - VX209 (Data Is Nature)

    I made this yesterday. I tend to ebb and flow between ethereal, vast cosmic ambient works, to somewhat dark, almost martial industrial cinematic drone scapes. This however is my favorite style to make. Expansive, warm sound scapes without a clear time scale or defining characteristic. I am heavily influenced by the likes of Vir Unis, Oophoi, The Sight Below, Steve Roach, and others who have tendencies to create vast, cosmic compositions. Ultimately I would like to transfer over into the installation art arena to create immersive, hypnotic audio/visual experiments and experiences.

    This video I made for VX209 is slow, abstract, yet seemingly deliberate -- it is made to suit my own comtemplative tendencies. Hope you can get something out of it, definitely more to come!

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    Hi BASK,

    Lovely ethereal music and video. For me, in order to keep focused, the video may be a bit more dynamic, like it tells somehow an abstract story.

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    Sing Into My Mouth
    Hi there,

    This is great, very cosmic. Just have the audio-only version on at the moment and this style would definitely suit installation art type pieces.

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