Greetings, just wanted to take a few minutes to mention my debut album, 'Back to the Mud.'

‘Back to the Mud,’ the debut album from Noctilucant was released in September of 2015, has been described as a journey through waves of epic, dark, and apocalyptic sounds and drones meeting cinematic dramatizations alongside occasional forays into noisier and experimental textures.

Originally released digitally via Bandcamp, the physical version followed shortly thereafter. The album comes packaged in a sturdy 6x6 black envelope with the cover artwork glued to the front, while the CD itself is housed in a slimline case with a double sided insert. Finally, the envelope is sealed with wax and hand numbered in metallic ink. Featuring all 12 songs from the digital version, the physical version has an exclusive bonus track titled, 'Tender Womb | Callous Tomb,' bringing the total play time to over 70 minutes.

A few quotes regarding the album:
- “Noctilucant shows many signs of brilliance on Back To The Mud. The overall theme and production are very well done and seem quite impressive for a first endeavor as a self-released solo artist.”
- "I'm blown away by your album, man - great job! Seriously, I love the music, the atmosphere, the spoken vocal parts, everything sounds dark and just awesome. Even the song titles are really good - very inspiring!"
- For a first outing Noctilucant has created a fantastic album that rivals the work of Peter Andersson, Lustmord, Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, Desiderii Marginis, and other big names in the genre.”

For the curious, the album can be streamed for free via Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube, and is available for digital and physical purchase at my Bandcamp site. Thanks for your attention.

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