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    Question by SlackTide (Will critique for critique ~)

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    So I just finished up my ambient/noise/drone EP which I have linked above. For a year or so I've had no creative energy at all, and found it very difficult to make any music at all. But finally I got back into it and decided to take on a whole new genre that I've always enjoyed and been interested in, ambient and drone. After a bit of time I threw this together and actually really enjoyed what came out! So I'm mainly just trying to spread my sound out there, get people chilling to it, and hopefully people actually liking it.

    Give us some feedback, critique, or just a thumbs up if you can


    Soundcloud full album link
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    Hey, nice stuff man! I listened to sections of the whole thing. I'm at work, so I can't do it in one listen, but I'll put it on later at home. Good job. It's very peaceful and enjoyable. If I had any critique, I'd say that it mostly sounds the same all the way through. There's kind of a white noise sheen that is consistent throughout. Might be cool to shift the frequency at some point and challenge the listener's ears a bit, but as I said, I enjoyed it as is. It's very calming.

    Anyhow, if you get a few minutes, check out some of my stuff. I posted a new improvised piece yesterday:

    It's a bit of a long form work, but hopefully it changes enough as you go along to keep your interest. I have a bunch of other tracks I've made over the years posted as well. Also, if you are interested in beat oriented stuff, check out my other project:

    Anyhow, hope all is well. Keep up the good work!

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