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    Indian Classical Music


    Just wanted to spread the word about Indian Classical Music. I am a massive fan of ambient and Indian Classical and maybe some ambient fans would enjoy this music if they are unaware of it. It has many similarities to ambient music in that it requires a patient listener who appreciates the beauty of sounds rather than direct meoldy.
    Here are a few of links to youtube that you may like,

    A wonderful live performance

    A piece in two videos

    A great short tabla solo

    if you enjoy these, let me know

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    I think I'll enjoy these videos. I've always appreciated the music of different cultures. As for Indian music I know of one tabla player by the name of Aloke Dutta. I discovered him through Tool's drummer, Danny Carey.

    I'll check these videos out when I'm more awake and at my desktop.


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    I've been into Indian classical since seeing Zakir Hussein with John McLaughlin in the 70s, then also with Shivkumar Sharma and others in the 80s. There's some pretty cool AM stuff by Tabla Beat Science, Bill Laswell, et al. I love the sarangi, dilruba, etc

    I've been getting into traditional Arabic Maqamat music lately-- studying oud

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    Today is going to be a good day Will's Avatar
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    I love Bill Laswell!

    I'll never forget listening to an internet radio station from New York when the net was still pretty young. They played Alam Dub as part of their playlist - although I didn't know who it was at the time. I couldn't get the tune out of my head for weeks, eventually I went back to the site and emailed them, describing the tune in as much detail as I could. I didn't hold much hope for any reply, but then one day this wonderful essay arrived in my AOL mailbox. The DJ from the site was so blown away that someone from the UK was listening to his Radio Station from far off lands (everywhere seemed much further away back then), I think we both realised that day what an incredible thing the World Wide Web was, and what amazing potential it had. Anyway, he knew exactly what the tune was, and I still listen to it to this day. I wish I could dig out that email, it may even still exist on an old computer somewhere. Anyway, this is the tune for those who haven't heard it - I still love it!

    I'd be interested to hear some of your favorites cat.
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    Great story Will. I'm amazed how apparently rare it is for listeners of radio programs to call in to talk with the hosts--every time I call (I'm somewhat in the habit of doing so--as I'm frequently trying to find out about something evocative I've heard) the host says they're so grateful. Of course, I'm only really talking about pretty obscure music--and college radio stations. But apparently they don't receive much feedback

    I think the best Laswell stuff I heard was the "Cuba" album -- and I still haven't obtained a copy of it (I pretty much quit buying CDs several years ago). I like a lot of the Axiom stuff

    Re my favorites--I'm a jazz guy, but have explored many traditional idioms (mostly as a function of playing. Currently, I'm doing a lot with traditional British Isles folk, and French and Balkan folk. Of course I've spent decades with American music of all forms, and also flamenco [decades of guitar playing]. I almost bought a dilruba, but thought I'd pull back a bit from such discursive study--I'm too old to start studying Indian classical...but here I am dabbling now in Arabic maqamat)

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