Hi ambient creators and consumers.

I'm new to this forum and thanks for letting me in.

Originally I'm more of a jazz/fusion guitarist_producer, but I just love to make music for my 'Sonic Subspace Project' The SSP. My music is inspired by loads of musical stuff and experiences I've picked up in my too long life (I'm 54 yeh..., I know.. ;-)). It is full of elements of ambient, electro, world, trance and psychedelic soundscapes. Because I mix these 'colours' often all up, I've some difficulties to categorize my music and would like to ask for some advise of you fellow listeners, to give it a 'place' or name. I might be in the wrong spot and would not like to bother you with music that has not his place here ;-)

An example of my work:

Thanks for listening and your cooperation.
(I speak EN, FR, NL)