my name is erik, im from germany and i decided shortly to sign up in a few forums like this one here to share my freshly composed music with like minded people to get some constructive feedback.

in the past years i used to compose emotional, orchestral pieces and newly found a lot of satisfaction in creating more .. science ficiton themed, spacy ambient music. i dont know how to describe it precisely because for me there is no only genre it could fit in. it's mostly relaxing and could be used for background music in space-games or movies. maybe you could even use it for yoga or studying or just daydreaming, whatever you like to. I used pitch correction and wave transformation to get some pieces in solfeggio-scales (healing tones/frequencies at 396Hz) maybe a little bit hocus pocus or even hippie .. but i like the idea.

so what do you think about it? I named the current project "Music for Starfarers" .. ill leave a YT-Playlist with my new pieces right here:

So, i hope you enjoy my tunes, if not - let me know why!