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Thread: Waveman 2hrs EM / Ambient & new releases Cosmic Nights 2017 SATURDAY!

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    Waveman 2hrs EM / Ambient & new releases Cosmic Nights 2017 SATURDAY!

    "Syngate & Manikin together again" 2017 releases only!

    In Belgium may20 2017 Both releasing new albums on their stands on upcomming Cosmic Nights Festival' or / guest. Waveman plays all new 2017 releases and to be released albums. Saturday 13th of may 20.00 -22.00 / 7pm - 9pm(UK) Music from albums showed below ! and others not on this foto.

    Order your ticket(s) ZLDR luchtfabriek, Marktplein 5, 3550 Heusden-Zolder

    Stalls from Wool-E Tapes, Manikin and Syngate

    1. Dask, people who visit Cosmic Nights and buy this cd become a special downloadcode for another Dask album.
    2. (*)Syndromeda, this album wil be presented at Cosmic Nights first / (*)Perceptual Defence(performing with Syndromeda) releases also: Sounds from Space Vol1: The Deep Space Program, and Sounds from Space Vol2: Wishstone and other self released albums.
    3. Broekhuis, Keller & (*)Schönwalder(live), Also Filter-Kaffee 103 MRCD release on 20 may
    4. Pyramid Peak, also on Manikin label
    5. Nothing but Noise 2nd album(remember B-Wave 2016) also presented at Cosmic Nights on 20 may release on Wool-E Tapes
    6. Baltes & Erbe
    7. Modulator Esp(live E-Scape 2017 Festival)
    8. Next tracks Under Construction!
    (*) performance at Cosmic Nights
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