Good afternoon to all of you, I've just joined this forum so figured the first job should be to introduce myself.

My name is James and I hail from the rural county of Lincolnshire in England.

I am a guitarist by trade but in recent years due to life taking over I have had little time for playing and gigging.

I have, however, developed a real passion for ambient music, especially dark ambient, drone and soundscapes.
My ambient project goes under the name of The Dutch Oven Massacre. The name of my project is due to my strange sense of humour (search for "Dutch Oven" on the web if you're not sure of what this is), for some reason the idea of mass killing due to flatulance is strangely amusing to me.

Anyhow I digress, I do have a small presence on SoundCloud, although haven't posted anything new for a while, I'm working on rectifying that at the moment. Please feel free to check them out, or not of course !

Looking forward to getting to know people and hearing all the awesome things that you all produce.
See all around.