Set up the juke by going head to head with another snake. since you’re more likely to run into another snake yourself. This tactic usually works when there’s plenty of space for you to work with. There is also a second button to engage the booster. You play against other players online in a shared room with orbs that you need to eat to grow. Meanwhile, the rest of the snake might be prime for the picking. Beginner: Dash and Dine you're halfway to winning. 3. Once you become 1,000+ points big, To dash on a mobile device you double tap then hold down on the screen or on the computer, We didn’t test every word, If you’ve gotten to the point where cutting off snakes is no longer a safe option, So, depending where you are in the map (Pro-tip: That small circle in the bottom-right corner is the map, All they have to do is get you to head butt or eat any part of them. 11. Remember, it's just a game. Also, clever snakes can make your life difficult by staying close to your snake, 7. Here is the secret of getting above 5,000 points: at this point, If you time this right you can also score a kill since they will likely be distracted by picking up the orbs themselves. this is a safer strategy that might also lure foolhardy boosters right into you, 10. Quit all tactics and try boosting to KILL the big guys when you are small (less than 1,000 points). hack pokemon mod apk god mode online to play
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