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Thread: New Music - la science des reves (Ambient/Instrumental/Experimental)

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    New Music - la science des reves (Ambient/Instrumental/Experimental)

    Orlando-based artist continues to delve further into soundscapes and melancholic tones. Abandoning guitar for the majority of the record, mainly using piano, organ, and synths to form a collection of cognate thoughts.

    "Warming rituals carried out through melancholy ambient swaths. Piano, organ, and acoustics all fade into each other under dense layers of synthesizer. Ultimate escapism." - Plush Organics


    Album Cover.jpgPromo picture.jpg

    Full Album Links below


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    CD's and Cassettes now available

    Compact Disks are now available at the link below

    And Cassettes are now available through Plush Organics (Label)

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