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Thread: Song Nominations

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    Song Nominations

    There's a wealth of music on the song submissions. And it's all wonderful and inspiring.

    Keep in mind, the concept of the compilation album will extend to many many many volumes; as long as the forum is running and people are still making music.

    I think there should be a final date by which all music can be submitted into the thread. Any suggestions?
    For Volume 1, I think the deadline should be the end of this month.


    So here's what you do:
    Go to the submissions thread and listen to as much music as you can. Select three songs that you really like from other musicians--you cannot nominate your own music.

    Then come back to this thread and read through the titles others have nominated. If you see a song you have picked, place the number of times it has been said next to the song name in your post.

    At the end of the month, we'll do a tally and the final track listing will be on its way.

    I will then get in touch with each of the musicians about submitting aiffs or wavs for the bandcamp page.


    If anyone would like to offer alternatives to this selection process, please do! I'm not declaring that this is the only way...but I'd like to see this get under way!

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    Today is going to be a good day Will's Avatar
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    I think that's a good plan. There have really been some wonderful submissions, it's already going to be hard to narrow it down as it is, and we'll only get more submissions if we leave it too open ended.
    Forum Admin Will

    Feel free to contact me or PM me about anything.
    Remember - If you want your music reviewed, please return the favour and review other people's work.
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    I sent you exclusive tracks via pm...
    I do not wish for them to be freely available , sorry guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akkya View Post
    I sent you exclusive tracks via pm...
    I do not wish for them to be freely available , sorry guys
    I'm not sure who you submitted them to--and I can't speak for whomever you did submit them to.

    I respect your wish for control over your work, but I believe it has been agreed upon that we're looking to have the tracks selected by the community of the forum as opposed to a central control. If your music (of which you can select specific tracks) isn't available (for listening, not downloading) in the song submission thread, then the community can't decide whether or not they want it in the final project.

    Sorry if that wasn't articulated well enough in the previous outlines. Though I am volunteering myself for the role of organizing everything for a bandcamp page (which involves a mastering phase to make sure all the songs are the same volume across the length of the album), the songs must be chosen by the community.

    It is also worth noting that we haven't really decided whether or not the final project will be available for free to the public or for charge. If there is a charge, it is likely that the money will probably go to supporting the website/forum and to put towards future projects (physical cd copies of the compilations or even festivals). It is highly unlikely that the artists will receive monetary compensation for the project. So either way, the music of the artists on this forum (of which I am one) will be--in a sense--giving their music away for this project with the intention of richening a community and contributing to a powerful musical movement.

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    Ceramic Skin
    Ceramic Skin would like to nominate two right now and if possible wait for Neuron Dreamtime to submit his work as Ceramic Skin very much so enjoys his material and would like to see what he presents for this compilation. If that is not possible Ceramic Skin will comply with apologies to Neuron Dreamtime.
    The two presently nominated are:
    "Branch" posted by rhod/geoholium on soundcloud
    and "Blissed" posted by cottonchipper/another neglected on soundcloud

    These two Ceramic Skin nominates now. Best of luck to all.

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    Ceramic Skin
    My third nomination is for Neuron Dreamtime's "Flight Of Anahatha"

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    ok here is my first submission, please not that although i am using my personal soundcloud page i would like it to be put under my 'Narrative' moniker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloudsinanenvelope View Post
    ok here is my first submission, please not that although i am using my personal soundcloud page i would like it to be put under my 'Narrative' moniker.
    Awesome! Sounds great, but could you move this to the Submissions thread? That's where everyone is listing their work. This thread is for forum users to nominate/vote on other's music (in order to keep it democratic, musicians cannot nominate their own music).

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    oh yeah, sorry I've been losing track lately because i have been busy thanks for the heads up

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    This has taken a lot of time and was quite a chore due to the awesomeness of the tracks submitted but I've managed to narrow my nominations down to six. I'll post my final three once Ive had more time to listen to these six back to back

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