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    Question Relaxed Machinery Alternative

    Hi My names Kristian kriesel, I'm an Ambient music composer and listener from Sydney Australia. I'm looking for an alternative website/ Forum to Relaxed machinery? Relaxed is a great site real beautiful looking and a must recommend for anyone interested in ambient music, poetry and photography, However i'm looking to discover other errr new artists. If Relaxed is a five star hotel, these other sites look more like a war ravaged refugee camp. surely the must be another site out there that compares? Thanks for your help. Krizen.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I frequent Relaxed Machinery often. It's a wonderful site.

    Their format is quite different from ours here. I also think they've been around a bit longer--and they're additionally a record label (which we may be heading towards with the upcoming AMF Compilation album).

    I found this site just by googling for Ambient communities (I think I found Relaxed Machinery through Resonant Drift
    s site). If there are other communities, I haven't really found them.

    Despite the quietness of this particular site, I happen to like it. I hope it gets more active in the coming future though. It's already brought together a small community of its own.

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    A lot of stuff has been posted in the ambient musicians chat board, you could also check out the compilation tracks submission thread.

    if you have not heard of this site you will find some good ambient threads and discussions.

    my other suggestions would be to google net labels that deal with ambient music
    a couple would be

    lost children
    feedback loop
    resting bell
    silent flow

    anyway there is probably tons more to find by googling them

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    Very nice of Kristian to post that about Relaxed Machinery. We launched it in March 2010 - however, it had it's roots in the AtmoWorks forum prior to that. I used to co-own AW - and Geoff and Steve who co-run the Relaxed Machinery label with me also helped with AW back then. So a lot of people found us when we opened the community.

    One thing that was really important to me was while the original plan was to be another "community based around a label" - we changed course that very first week and opened it up to any artist / any label with no preferential treatment. I randomly pick members to feature. We have a spot on the front page for all member releases. And I promote various events whether they are related to my label or not. I think we've struck a nice balance. (although if you go look right now... you'll see a big label feature because Tange on is playing 4 solid hours from our 5 most recent releases - but I'll take that down over the weekend and feature a non-rM artist.)

    Anyway - it was fun for me to stumble across this thread - and I joined the forum because - yeah -I'm a huge ambient fan. :-)

    John K-N
    owner / artist
    Relaxed Machinery - organic .:. ambient


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