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Thread: Work, progress, results!

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    Work, progress, results!

    I am absolutely ecstatic to report that my favorite Ambient internet station-Drone Zone on Soma FM-has me listed in their charts:

    This is the unfolding of a dream come true.

    StillStream also had some very nice things to say about Apparitions


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    Today is going to be a good day Will's Avatar
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    Congratulations EJA!

    This is a great achievement, I can only imagine what a thrill it must be to have such musical talent and to be recognised for it. Kudos to you, and may your work continue to be recognised.
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    Thanks Will!

    It's been so wonderful to have found a place within the ambient scene. My initial ambient works were a grand deviation from previous genres and though I enjoyed it, I was somewhat unsure of what I was doing and my state as an "artist" or "musician".

    These recent accomplishments--along with the community here at AMF--have further cemented the truth that ambient is my home.

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